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How to Pack Your Flowers

How to Pack Your Flowers

Following the placement of your order, it is essential to handle your selected flowers with care.

  1. Submerge the base of your flowers in water for a minimum of 1-2 hours and maintain them in a cool environment until they are ready for packaging. (This is ideal but not required if you don’t have the time!)

  2. Select the flowers you wish to preserve in your artwork and trim their stems at an angle. Include a few extra flowers to conceal any potential damage. You are also more than welcome to send the entire arrangement or bouquet, but we can only save enough flowers for your order (saves on space in our workshop).

  3. Wrap the stems with a damp tissue to retain moisture during transit. Cover the tissue with aluminium foil to prevent moisture from reaching the flower buds. Be cautious not to oversaturate the tissue, as this can lead to flower  to rot.

  4. Utilize a strong sized box and place scrunched newspaper around the stems to ensure the flowers remain upright and secure.

  5. Once the flowers are securely arranged, insert a note inside the box containing your name, order number, contact details, and the date of dispatch.

  6. Ensure that the box is clearly labelled with the recipient's address and marked as "fragile" with upward-facing arrows. Additionally, label it as containing fresh flowers and opt for next-day delivery if feasible.

  7. Following dispatch, await our confirmation email indicating that we have received your flowers.

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