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Preserving Funeral Flowers: Creative Ideas for Displaying and Using

Preserving Funeral Flowers: Creative Ideas for Displaying and Using

When we lose someone dear to us, one way we honor their memory is through flowers. Funeral flowers are a beautiful and heartfelt expression of love and respect. They bring beauty and comfort during difficult times, and often hold sentimental value. While funeral flowers may eventually fade, their significance can stay with us forever.

Preserving funeral flowers

Preserving funeral flowers is a wonderful way to cherish the memories associated with our loved ones. With a little creativity and thought, we can transform these flowers into keepsakes that will last a lifetime. Whether you're looking for ideas to display these preserved flowers or considering unique ways to repurpose them, we have a few suggestions to help inspire you.

1. Pressed flower art

Pressed flower art is an elegant and delicate way to preserve funeral flowers. By carefully drying and pressing the flowers, you can create beautiful artwork to display in your home. Arrange the pressed flowers in a frame, a shadow box, or even between the pages of a book. This technique allows you to showcase the flowers' natural beauty while creating a lasting tribute.

2. Flower petal jewelry

Transforming funeral flowers into wearable memorabilia can be a touching way to keep a loved one close to your heart. Flower petal jewelry, such as pendants or earrings, can be custom-made using the petals from your cherished flowers. It's a unique and personal way to honor your loved one and carry their memory with you wherever you go.

3. Memorial keepsake boxes

A memorial keepsake box allows you to preserve funeral flowers while also providing a special place for other treasured mementos. Choose a box that is meaningful to you or your loved one, and carefully place the flowers inside. You can include photographs, handwritten notes, or any other items that hold sentimental value. This thoughtful display will serve as a reminder of the love and memories shared.

4. Floral resin paperweights

A floral resin paperweight is a beautiful way to encapsulate funeral flowers and create a lasting reminder. By embedding the flowers in clear resin, you can preserve them in a decorative paperweight. Place the paperweight on your desk or table, allowing you to admire your loved one's flowers every day.

5. Dried flower wreaths

Dried flower wreaths are a timeless and versatile way to display funeral flowers. Hang the wreath on your front door as a loving tribute to your loved one or use it as a centerpiece for your dining table. Dried flower wreaths add a touch of natural beauty and can be easily customized to match any décor.

6. Potpourri and scented sachets

Transform funeral flowers into fragrant potpourri or scented sachets. Dry the flowers and mix them with aromatic herbs or essential oils. Place the mixture in decorative jars or small fabric bags to create a wonderful aroma that will fill your home with the sweet scent of memories.

7. Memory garden

Create a memory garden filled with the preserved funeral flowers of your loved ones. Plant their flowers in a special section of your garden or dedicate an entire area to their memory. This living tribute will allow you to honor and remember your loved ones each time you step into your garden.

8. Framed floral art

If you have artistic skills or know someone who does, consider creating a painting or drawing inspired by the funeral flowers. Select a canvas or paper, gather some paints or pencils, and let your creativity flow. This unique piece of art will be a meaningful representation of your loved one's memory.


Preserve funeral flowers by making floral bookmarks. Use thin cardboard or laminated paper as a base, and carefully attach dried flowers to create a beautiful design. These bookmarks can be kept as personal mementos or shared with family and friends, allowing everyone to have a lasting reminder of their loved ones.

10. Shadow boxes

Shadow boxes are a popular and versatile way to preserve and display funeral flowers. These three-dimensional displays allow you to arrange the flowers along with other items that hold special meaning, such as photographs, small trinkets, or even letters. Shadow boxes can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf, becoming a unique and personalized tribute.

11. Glass bottle vases

Transform glass bottles into unique vases for your preserved funeral flowers. Simply clean the bottles, remove any labels, and place the flowers inside. You can either leave them as they are or paint the bottles to match your desired aesthetic. These vases add a touch of elegance to any room while honoring the memory of your loved ones.

12. Decorative resin coasters

Create personalized resin coasters using preserved funeral flowers. Arrange the flowers in a mold, then pour clear resin over them, allowing it to harden. Once set, these beautiful coasters can be used in your home or gifted to friends and family. Each time you see these coasters, you'll be reminded of the love and memories shared with your loved ones.


Preserving funeral flowers is a meaningful way to honor the memory of your loved ones. Whether you choose to create pressed flower art, floral resin paperweights, or even personalized jewelry, these unique and creative ideas will allow you to cherish their memory for years to come. Find the preservation method that resonates with you and create a lasting tribute that captures the beauty and significance of these precious flowers.

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