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Expert Tips on Preserving Flower Arrangements from Funerals

Expert Tips on Preserving Flower Arrangements from Funerals

In times of loss, flowers play a crucial role in providing comfort and solace. Whether sent by well-wishers or selected by loved ones, funeral flower arrangements hold sentimental value that goes beyond their beauty. If you wish to cherish these arrangements for a longer time, knowing how to preserve them is key. Here, we share expert tips on preserving flower arrangements from funerals to help you keep these precious memories alive.

The Significance of Funeral Flower Arrangements

Funeral flowers symbolize love, respect, and sympathy for the departed and their grieving family. They serve as a visual representation of support during a difficult time. Preserving these floral tributes allows you to retain a piece of the heartfelt condolences and honor shown by those who sent them.

Quick Preservation Tips

Preservation of funeral flowers can vary depending on the types of blooms and your desired outcome. Here are some quick tips that you can follow to keep your flower arrangements looking fresh for longer:

1. Remove Excess Foliage

Once the funeral service is over, carefully remove any excess foliage from the flower stems. This helps in reducing excess moisture, allowing the blooms to stay fresher for a more extended period.

2. Keep Them Cool

Store the flower arrangements in a cool place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Lower temperatures slow down the wilting process, helping the flowers to maintain their beauty for a longer duration.

3. Change the Water Regularly

To prevent bacteria growth, change the water in the vase every few days. Keeping the water clean and fresh helps in extending the lifespan of the flowers and foliage.

Methods of Flower Preservation

Preserving funeral flowers can be done using different techniques. The method you choose may depend on whether you want to keep the flowers in their original form or transform them into a different keepsake.

Air Drying

Air drying is one of the most popular methods of flower preservation. This technique involves hanging the flowers upside down in a dark, dry space for several weeks. Once dried, you can display these flowers as they are or use them for crafting purposes.


Pressing flowers is another classic preservation method that allows you to flatten the blooms for future use. Place the flowers between the pages of a heavy book or a flower press, and wait for them to dry completely. Pressed flowers can be framed or used for decorative purposes.

Resin Encasement

For a more modern and unique approach, consider encasing flowers in resin. Resin encasement preserves the flowers in a clear, glossy finish, creating a beautiful and long-lasting keepsake. This method requires some skill and materials, but the results are truly stunning.

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