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13CM Oval Geometric Clock Mold Resin Jesmonite Platinum Silicone Mould

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Diamond Oval Clock Mold for Resin

Need a functional, display item to encase floral tributes, a timeless piece. Our Diamond Oval Clock Mold is 13CM tall, 8Cm wide and 3.5CM deep, allowing it to encase full flowers or create a stunning design using jesmonite or concrete.

Super Duper Shiny!

Please note: you will need to glue the clock or add a glue dot to help secure so it doesn’t move out of place.

Hand crafted high quality platinum silicone mould, can be used in a variety of arts:

❤️ Polymer Clays
❤️ Polyurethane, Epoxy, Polyester and Acrylic Resins
❤️ Plaster, Cement & Concrete
❤️ Sugar Craft, Chocolate & Confectionery
❤️ Plastisol (PVC)
❤️ Wax & Soap

These Moulds are:
❤️ Food safe
❤️ Heat safe to 250°C
❤️ Freezable
❤️ Dishwasher safe

Please note: Aggressive resins such as epoxy or polyester can get very hot when curing and may cause damage to your mould. To limit this and to prolong mould life it is advised that you use a release agent and allow the mould to rest between castings. This allows the chemicals absorbed to evaporate from the silicone.

This rubber is safe for repeated contact with food and has been independently tested to verify compliance with the United States Food & Drug Administration regulation US FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.

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