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Elder Futhark Rune DND Resin Moulds

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Introducing our exquisite Elder Futhark Rune 8 Sided Dice Set Platinum Silicone Mould! Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, this unique mould allows you to create your very own set of three mesmerizing dice, each adorned with powerful ancient symbols from the Elder Futhark runic alphabet.

Our platinum silicone mould is carefully designed to capture the intricate beauty of the Elder Futhark runes. The eight-sided dice shape adds an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to your creations, making them perfect for both casual gaming and decorative purposes.

Made from high-quality platinum silicone, this mould ensures excellent durability and flexibility, allowing for easy release of your finished dice without compromising on the intricate details. Its non-stick surface guarantees a smooth and flawless finish every time you use it, ensuring that your creations will impress even the most discerning eye.

Whether you're an avid gamer seeking a unique set of dice for your tabletop adventures or a collector fascinated by ancient symbolism, this Elder Futhark Rune 8 Sided Dice Set Platinum Silicone Mould is an absolute must-have. Imagine the joy of crafting your own personalized dice, imbued with the mystic energy of the runes, or surprising a fellow enthusiast with a truly special gift.

Unleash your creativity and dive into the world of ancient divination with this remarkable silicone mould. The Elder Futhark runes hold a rich history and symbolism, making them perfect for adding a touch of mystique to your gaming sessions or simply displaying them as stunning works of art.

Don't settle for ordinary dice when you can create something extraordinary. Bring the power of the Elder Futhark runes into your hands and embark on a journey of creativity and enchantment. Order your Elder Futhark Rune 8 Sided Dice Set Platinum Silicone Mould today and unlock the ancient magic within.

These moulds work with UV Resin and epoxy Resin.

Hand crafted high quality platinum silicone mould, can be used in a variety of arts:

❤️ Polymer Clays
❤️ Polyurethane, Epoxy, Polyester and Acrylic Resins
❤️ Plaster, Cement & Concrete
❤️ Plastisol (PVC)
❤️ Wax & Soap

These Moulds are:
❤️ Heat safe to 250°C
❤️ Freezable
❤️ Dishwasher safe

Please note: Aggressive resins such as epoxy or polyester can get very hot when curing and may cause damage to your mould. To limit this and to prolong mould life it is advised that you use a release agent and allow the mould to rest between castings. This allows the chemicals absorbed to evaporate from the silicone.

This rubber is safe for repeated contact with food and has been independently tested to verify compliance with the United States Food & Drug Administration regulation US FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.

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